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Thursday, April 24, 2014


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I appreciate how both of them critique the premises of Samuel Huntiington's book. What really stuck out for me, was the mention of the questionable sources that Mr (or is it Dr.?) Huntington's opinion came from. We learn early, to utilize scholarly sources in opposed to mass media articles.

I have to agree with Samuel Hintington intereview video. He addresses the world civilizations each layers and then he discuss conflicts and reasons each civilization see others differently LIKE cultures in societies the clash of civilizations.

I was thinking the same Maura. I still am interested in how it would appear that he strongly believes in his positions even when interviewers are poking holes in it left and right and despite mass critique. Are there any published rebuttals of his in response to the critics?

Chomsky is very adamant that Huntington’s thesis isn’t based on facts, that the first thing you should ask when hearing a new idea is whether its facts are solid, and he claims Huntington’s aren’t. Civilizations have been clashing for decades prior to the Cold War, and they’ve clashed for decades since. Just because he started looking at it in a certain situation doesn’t mean that’s the only situation in which it exists.

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